Its a Scary World Out There...

*update* Switched it up. Original here. See you next week Blog.

The Great Outdoors


Hi Blog. I don't usually post at night but I just wanted show you these pics I took today in Newark, NJ. Edwin Vasquez let me know about a mural project he's working on with other Jersey artists and invited me to come check it out and maybe lend a hand. Fortunately, I had the camera handy and shot away (I swear I held a paintbrush too). Another artist involved is Kevin Sampson, a Newark-based fine artist along with two assistants Cesar and Rich (not me).

The Least Terrible*


Good afternoon Blog. Its been an odd jumble these past two weeks, filled with Big Apple Comic-Cons, sustainable parties, and tying up loose ends on open jobs. I'm looking forward to moving onto another big personal piece and some design gigs that just came my way.

The images above are from last night's Jazz & Sketch session at the Society of Illustrators. The awesomely scary thing about being there (and being a young illustrator), is that you definitely feel like you're part of a legacy going back for decades, when illustration was a much more venerable practice (it still is of course, but like everything, times change).

These sketches were done very quickly, with my best effort to quiet my lizard brain. I did a bunch, but I thought these were the least terrible*. Also, I was in the back so I missed a couple of AWESOME angles, but oh well.

So that's about it. Later Blog.

* Two things I constantly ask myself are "Is this terrible?" and "How do I be less terrible?".

A Little Trouble in Big China

Happy Columbus Day Blog. This is a piece I did for Business Week and a story about intellectual property rights violations. Apparently China is one of biggest culprits when it comes to IPR violations, and now they're starting to get a taste of their own medicine as Chinese versions of YouTube are allowing the posting of copyrighted material.

I've never attempted Chinese calligraphy before, but the symbols on the movie screen read "The End", and were a nice suggestion by the art director. Hopefully I didn't butcher them too bad.

As a bonus, here's another concept I had for the story. Ultimately it didn't really involve IPR violations specifically, but it just really made me laugh:

Alternate Chinese Piracy Concept

See you later this week Blog.

Its an honor just to be nominated...


Its official. They've announced the nominees list for the Swatch Young Illustrators Award 2009 on the Illustrative website, and on the Illustrative Blog.

I'm insanely excited, and have never wanted to jump on a plane more than right now. Its an incredible honor to be included with such an amazing group of artists. The exhibition goes up on October 16th and goes down on November 1st.

Also, almost everyone in my category is from a different country, and I'm the only American. That's kinda awesome.

Fruity Yummy Munny


Good afternoon Blog. Its been a crazy past couple of weeks. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I slept so little, but felt better for it. I just finished another piece for Business Week, which I'll post later. Also, I'm almost done with a televised project that I'll share more about once it comes close to air date.

For today I'm posting a 2+ year project that I began my first semester at SVA. One day I bought a Munny Doll at Kid Robot and made it my personal fruit sticker board. It took a lot of bananas, apples, oranges, and possibly a pear, but he's ready to make his debut in this rough 'n tumble world.

Also, I just received word that I've been nominated for the Swatch Young Illustrators Award at Illustrative 09. I'm so deeply honored, and WISH I COULD BE THERE. But oh well... my only consolation is the upcoming Big Apple Comic-Con. My thanks appreciation to the jury and the other artists involved. For those of you in Berlin, drop me a line and let me know the good word.

If you would like to see or even download my entry PDF, you can do that here:
Rich Tu Illustrative '09... Step Up Yo' PDF Game.

The Fix is In


Sup Blog. I was privileged once again to work with Business Week on a half page illustration for a discussion on Stephen Roach's book The Next Asia. The gist of the piece is that the world's economy needs fixing. If only the economy had tech support...

Also, two of my prints are for sale at Little Paper Planes. The pieces in question are Solomon Wears His Father's Skin and Gleaning For Boaz (After Millet). They are roughly 8"x11" and are individually signed and stamped. I've been fan of LLP for a long time now and feel honored that they wished to include me among their artists.

Gotta go. Some BIG stuff coming up. Later Blog.

*update* I just found out that I'm featured on both BEAUTIFUL/DECAY's and Design For Mankind's blogs. That's kind of AWESOME.