Fuse the Boss


Hi Blog, sorry for the silence the past few days. I've been preoccupied with what will hopefully become a much larger project so I and a few others are pulling some overtime. However, here is a spread I recently finished for SLAM Magazine and their feature on Nike's Hyperfuse, which Rajon Rondo was wearing during the NBA finals (causing many a sneaker fan to pause their DVRs).

Now first, a confession. I am a recovering sneakerhead and own over 100 pairs of sneakers, many of which I've never worn outside. I spent many nights on niketalk.com looking at what was coming out and what others bought. I know, it's sick, but I've seen much worse. At one point I was buying a pair a week. I quit that a long time ago, however, but still get very excited about them.

So, as you can imagine this assignment was a lot of fun for me, and Nike was cool enough to provide a lot of photos to choose from. Also, I've been wanting to explore more hand typography, and this was a great chance. I liked this close-up shot, as this red/white/blue related to my shoelace concept. I felt the key was to not go too crazy and let the shoe speak for itself, as it's beautifully designed. Personally, I have my eyes set on these.

Photo Favorites 2010

Hey Blog, I haven't done one of these in a while, but I'm about due since its the middle of the year. If you're curious as to whose rings those are, they belong to this man. The Bishop was very cool, and very pimp... literally.

Also, this week has been hectic in a great way, and I received some AMAZING news which I can't talk about until October 7th (which might be a clue in itself). Otherwise, enjoy.

Wet Mask

Greetings Blog, and Happy Belated Birthday United States of the Americas. It's a million degrees here on the east coast. I'll take desert heat over coastal humidity any day.

Bright Lights, Not Really

spaceHappy Friday Blog. I just got back from Las Vegas late last night. I had a great time, met some amazing people, and didn't wuss out on the Stratosphere's SkyJump (my "jump" involved a lot of profanities and attempts at bargaining).

In the spirit of bright lights and big cities, enjoy this GIF made from airplane doodles.