Get Fat Day

Its never too late for thanks Blog.

This Is Just Fine


Hi Blog, I hope all is well. Last night I attended the Parsons MFA Fine Arts Open Studios in Chelsea, and it was fantastic. The company was great and the work was amazing. I had my camera handy so I stole some pics. My personal favorites were Monica Bernal's seemingly amorphous abstract compositions, Michelle Yu's wonderfully untamed sketchbooks, and the young girl with incredibly graphic wolf-like creatures (whose name I can't remember for the life of me. I'm kicking myself for that.)

*update* The artist's name is Yen Ting Chung, thanks for the heads up Monica!

Also, I know that there's a danger of this becoming a "photo" blog as of late but I think its important to understand my aesthetic from all angles and the media that informs it. Was that an apology? I hope not.

I'm a Wiener

Hi Blog, I just won first place in the Illustration Series and the Overall in the Altpick Awards for my Let There Be Stuff Series. Also, I won second place in the Design category for the SVA MFA Poster. Its an amazing honor, especially considering how great all the other artists are (David Plunkert's poster series was my favorite).

Thanks to all the judges, you're too generous! You can see all the winners here.

That's it for now, later Blog.

"Buuut Do You Love Him?"

What's up Blog. This is a new personal piece, and its pretty big (54" x 70"). For this I was definitely influenced by the looseness of my Jazz & Sketch night drawings. For my personal stuff I tend to let things ride more.

Anyway, I wanted to post before the weekend as I'll be disappearing for a couple of days. Next week is going to be much busier so I'm getting my kicks in before the craziness.

Later Blog.

Toast of the Nation

Hey Blog. Last night was the Champions of Jazz concert at the Lincoln Center, and it was AMAZING. I had box seats, and had the best view. The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra killed it, and brought out a lot of great guests. My personal favorites were Nikki Yanofsky (who did a brilliant rendition of an Ella Fitzgerald song) and Ernie Andrews (who did an original composition). John Hamilton stated it best when he said, "If you don't don't feel this man's soul, check your pulse...because you're probably a cadaver". Well, he didn't say the "cadaver" part but he should've.

Anyway, on the jazz tip here's an ad I did for WBGO and National Public Radio (NPR) for their annual Toast of the Nation broadcast on New Year's Eve. Its running in both Jazz Times and Downbeat magazines.

Honestly, I hope I did the event justice, as I wasn't sure if the three glasses concept would even work. They liked it fortunately so we went with it. The type at the top refers to Anat Cohen and John Pizzarelli (no disrespect to these amazing artists but I would've preferred to have no top text). Simplicity rules.

That's it for this ordinary day. See you later Blog.