Manifest Equality

Heads up, Blog. I recently submitted a piece to Manifest Equality's contest and just found out I'm one of the winners (which is unbelievable). Some of the judges included Shepard Fairey, Ed Ruscha, David Pagel, and even the mayor of Los Angeles. For those who don't know, Manifest Equality is a HUGE show that's going to take place in LA next week that centers on themes like social justice and equality.

As for the piece I'm showing, it's a new one, and I'll wait until the opening to debut it. However, if you're going to be in/near/around LA next week you have to go check it out. Some of the other artists in the show include Ron English, Ted McGrath, Swoon, Harvey Pekar, Gary Baseman, Jayson Atienza and a TON of others.

Fun in the Sun.

Background Noise


Sup Blog. My body was hit with a brick called food poisoning on Saturday, and I've just been trying to regather my strength since. In the meantime, here is an all-over print utilizing a background pattern I created the other day for a website gig. It's comprised of a series of seemingly unrelated doodles which include a lightning bolt, bear trap, cloud, cross bones, raindrop, and brass knuckles. Please enjoy... while I go replenish my electrolytes.

The Manhattan (+Brooklyn) Project


Hey Blog. This is a piece I just finished for Time Out New York for their Brooklyn vs Manhattan issue. It's a map of the two boroughs that supposes the effects of their connecting bridges collapsing, halting the exchange of people and products between them. It's fairly humorous, and was fun to do because of all the little drawings (and I rarely ever design maps). Each one is numbered and here's a breakdown of what they are.

Wide Open ...or... Third TIme's a Charm

What's up Blog? Here's a third piece I executed for Alfa Romeo's 100th anniversary exhibition taking place in Milan, Italy. It's entitled "Wide Open". I did it in lieu of having my second piece rejected, which I actually find more funny than disappointing. Speaking of funny, this piece is the most humorous of the three, but I got really ambitious with some stuff and it's definitely my favorite now. It prints big (135x135cm), so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Also, it shows that it pays to be tenacious.

*update* available for purchase here

Magical Pencil Indeed

Ah, it's the end of the week again Blog. I was at The Society of Illustrators for their Jazz & Sketch night last night and greatly enjoyed myself as always. I tried something slightly different from usual and did most of my drawings with a Magic Pencil, which is usually found in high schools and beginner art classes, but is ridiculously fun. Also, if it's good enough for Milton Glaser, it's good enough for me. The above image was actually done on the subway on the way home. The rest are from Jazz & Sketch.

The Illustrated Urban Dictionary pt. 2


Sup Blog. Here are two more additions to the Illustrated Urban Dictionary series. Someone close suggested that I do "swagger", which made me laugh. Enjoy.