Subcultures 05 - Beach Kings

Hey Blog, what's up?

The fifth in the Subcultures t-shirt series focuses on bodybuilding. Specifically, on the golden heydays of Venice Beach in the 70's. Pumping Iron is one of my all-time favorite movies (Arnold is the American dream) and I wanted to bring out the fun of that era with a West Coast surf vibe. That time was glorious.

Subcultures 04 - Let's Get Furry

Hi Blog.

The fourth in the Subculture series is about a furries, whose fetish is centered around wearing furry costumes in varying scenarios. That's cool, I'm not gonna hate.

Subcultures 03 - Always Flapping

Good day Blog. Irene was a wash, we're all getting on with our lives.

Here's the third in the Subculture series. This is a mashup of 1920's flappers and early 80's punk aesthetic. In truth I always wonder if I'm doing something cheesy or trite and I was concerned, because these are two cultures that have been explored to death. Also, I wanted to avoid a steampunk vibe (just not a fan). I dig the results, family vibe.

Subcultures 02 - Dekotora x Japanese Rockabilly

Good morning Blog. Here's the next piece in this Subcultures series. This is a mash up of two Japanese social phenomena: highly elaborate and illuminated Dekotora trucks combined with the Nippon version of Rockabilly. These two things have nothing to do with each other besides their country of origin and their seemingly outlandish methods of self-expression. In terms of composition I wanted this to have a 70's movie poster collage vibe. This is one of my favorite pieces from the series.

Subcultures 01 - Scuttlers x Carnies

Oy blog, how's it going? A hurricane is brewing, New York had an earthquake, and Steve Jobs has left the building. I'm beginning to believe the Mayans. Just kidding, no I'm not.

In case you weren't aware I left my art directing gig to pursue other ventures and return to the outside world. It was fun while it lasted, but everyone has their time and mine was up (or to me it was anyway).

Anyway, one of the last things I created while at Dagr was a series of illustrations for a t-shirt line based on the concept of subcultures. Some mash-up and some standalone. I'll be posting them up as I'm very proud of the series itself. The images are meant to be screen printed and are all about 15" tall.

The above piece is a mash-up of scuttlers and carnies, definitely leaning towards a turn-of-the-century dandyish vibe with a freakshow twist. The tattoos on the brothers' bodies are based on Russian convict tattoos. There are a lot of references happening at the same time, and I like how it all came together.

More to come.

Here Comes the Autumn... and My Big Bald Head

Waddup Blog. Here's a damn fun double-page spread in FHM UK that I modeled for, thanks in part to my big bald head. It's a preview for the upcoming football (aka soccer) season.

It's always fun to have the tables turned on you, where all you do is sit in front of the camera and just wait for the results.

Photography by Gorman Studio
Makeup by Valissa Yoe
Design/Art Direction by 10Ten Media (Anthony Scerri, Ian Knowles, & company)

Logo On, Logo Off


Hey Blog, crazy week this week, especially with the launch of Pozzle, my new app with partner Charles Jamerlan. A fuller update on that soon. However, here are logos I created for the lovely people at SLAM, and their issue of KICKS (both the regular versions and their Foot Locker variants). I can't lie, I love sneakers.

Also, as a bonus, here's a special seal created for SLAM's 150th issue not too long ago.

You're My Favorite 09

Hi Blog, the latest entry.

Also, big announcements this week as to what I've been up to. Looking forward to the future.