The Least Terrible*


Good afternoon Blog. Its been an odd jumble these past two weeks, filled with Big Apple Comic-Cons, sustainable parties, and tying up loose ends on open jobs. I'm looking forward to moving onto another big personal piece and some design gigs that just came my way.

The images above are from last night's Jazz & Sketch session at the Society of Illustrators. The awesomely scary thing about being there (and being a young illustrator), is that you definitely feel like you're part of a legacy going back for decades, when illustration was a much more venerable practice (it still is of course, but like everything, times change).

These sketches were done very quickly, with my best effort to quiet my lizard brain. I did a bunch, but I thought these were the least terrible*. Also, I was in the back so I missed a couple of AWESOME angles, but oh well.

So that's about it. Later Blog.

* Two things I constantly ask myself are "Is this terrible?" and "How do I be less terrible?".