I have Inkspot on my shirt


Sup Blog, here are some t-shirt concepts for the Inkspot that I banged out over the last couple days. The third one makes me want to be a mimosa-sipping surfer.

Add another logo to the pile

They have amazing BBQ.

My Public Identity


Hey Blog, I've been working on several identities lately and here are some of my personal favorites. In some ways, logos are harder than illustrations because presumably a logo is an idea, and they should be crisp and concise (in my opinion). Also, the little things become BIG things, especially considering that a logo is the face of a business, and should last the life of that business. BTW, if you're wondering what Monster Vs Man is, more info soon.

In other news, I collaborated with my friend Charles Jamerlan, formerly of Pantone, on an iPhone application that many of you may already have. It's called Most Addictive Game, and over 2 million people have downloaded a version of it. I worked on the latest release, so check it out for a penny less than a buck.

That's it for now, later Blog.

Forget It, Forget It, Forget It

Sup Blog, evening post apparently. I'm working on a couple of branding jobs right now and am trying to find time to do more personal work. Here's a piece that I recently finished (and actually put on my Altpick site first). Its a large piece, and measures 60in wide x 38in tall. I'm making it an imperative to work larger as this piece is meant for exhibition. Its titled "Forget It, Forget It, Forget It", and feel free to make of it what you will.

In other news, its hot in NYC.

Benefit Concerts and Awards With Benefits

Hi blog, should I just put the image(s) at the top from now on? I probably should right? Right. This is the save-the-date card for WBGO's Champions of Jazz Benefit Concert on November 3rd. They're celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and its a pleasure to have them as a client at this moment in their broadcast life.

They're definitely going big this year and having the benefit at the Lincoln Center. NBC's Lester Holt is the Master of Ceremonies and the show will feature performances by the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. I'm not sure when tickets go on sale, but it'll be a great evening to say the least.

In other news, been busy these past couple of weeks. Picked up a couple of new clients and been entering a few illustration competitions. Notably, the Altpick Awards is having their open submissions and its reasonably priced with awesome prizes. I also entered the Swatch Young Illustrator Awards, which looks pretty fun. They only take personal work (no commercial work) and submissions had to be in pdf format. I included a bunch of stuff along with a resume at the end. Feel free to download it here:

Rich Tu's Illustrative '09 Submission

So that's it for now.

This week went by much too quickly.

Michael Jackson + Glove + Blatant attempt at getting Google Search hits

Hi Blog. Its somehow August. A big tree was hit by lightning outside my window, and subsequently had to be chopped down. When a big red truck took it away it looked like Abe Lincoln's log cabin was dismantled. Also, there was a huge family reunion recently, and debauchery ensued. Fortunately no flashing lights and gurneys were necessary.

As far as projects go, I'm still working on a couple of long term ones that seem to be taking forever, partly thanks to specific verbiage that constantly changes. Tis life, however, and its fun to work on regardless. One small completed project is a contribution to Death + Taxes Magazine. I've been a big fan of theirs for a while and it was a big deal for me to get inside their pages.

I contributed an illustration for their column "Confessions of an Aging Indie Rock Fan", written by Doug Perkul. For those of you familiar with the column, Doug is fairly acerbic yet truthful and all around entertaining. This issue's topic is the legacy of Michael Jackson, which Doug tackles in his usual style. Personally, I really dig MJ, but wanted to match Doug's energy so I created this:

Now before you go writing your angry letters to D+T, take note that I requested to use this idea and that D+T was awesome for giving me a choice, rare in this business. Also, the chance to comment on a world event with such a hard image was much too difficult to pass up.

So that's about it for now, the issue should be out now, if not soon. I'll see you later Blog, back to the trenches.