Drawings from the Botanical Gardens

Hi Blog. Here are some drawings from the Botanical Gardens. One of them is a Japanese Lily. It was raining that day, so I had to do that one quickly. I did them with a brush pen, which I've been using a lot more lately. Soon I'll post imagery from my book project for Marshall Arisman and Carl Titolo's class, which is done all in brush pen.

Inaugural Post

Hello blog. This space will be for random sketches, projects, and anything else I feel like putting here. For starters, here are some pictures of the double deck I did for the Alternative Pick. It was a fun job, and I plan to do more collaborations with them. Here's the site: http://altpick.com/deck.php

Here are some pics (taken by Amy Klein). I'll take some of my own pics and post them in here and in the portfolio section soon too.