Hell's Gourmet Kitchen


Hi Blog. This is a piece I did for this week's Time Out New York and the Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar. This piece was done really quickly and it was a crunch getting it in. I simplified the people and kept it nice and graphic without too many visual acrobatics.

The Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar is happening on Sunday, May 2nd in Hell's Kitchen (W 39th St at Ninth Ave). Check it out the day after Floyd retires Shane.

American Illustration 29

Good afternoon blog. Not too long ago I was informed that my image "The Man Wakes Up" from the "Let There Be Stuff" Series was selected for the American Illustration 29 annual. I'm pretty honored, as this was one of the 388 images selected out of 8000+ submissions. This will be my first inclusion in the book. Soon a print of this piece will be available on Little Paper Planes for purchase (you can contact me privately as well). Also, the two images below, "Down the Highway, into the Night" and "He Felt Like He Was Floating Above Himself" were chosen for the website.

On a serious note, my family suffered a loss this week, as my grandmother passed on at the age of 90 early Sunday morning. She was the mother of ten children (my mother being the eldest), and was absolutely the epitome of strength and class. I appreciate the outpouring of support that my family and myself have received. Many thanks to you all.

Food Flight

Hey Blog, I missed last week. I was tired, forgive me. One of the things I was working on last week was a spread for a Media Planet supplement in USA Today concerning Celiac Disease, a disorder triggered by an intolerance to gluten which is found in wheat products. This went through a bunch of revisions; originally it was supposed to be a square piece for the cover. However, this horizontal format works much better visually.

Also, some of the students from FIT were nice enough to invite me to the opening of Illustration Futuro at the Illustration House last night. Check out the show, there's some great stuff in it!


Hey Blog, and back to our normal illustrating program.