No-Shows and Do-Shows

Sup Blog, loooong time no see. That title doesn't rhyme, but it looks like it should doesn't it? Anyway, this semester was pretty insane, as evidenced by my apparent inability to take out 5 minutes to fill up empty cyperspace on the World Wide Net.

For those of you interested about my life, the semester is fully wrapped up and my thesis is very much underway (I have updated my site with some pieces). ALSO, 2009's rendition of the Alternative Pick Double Deck is done and off to the printers! It was a grueling, yet absolutely rewarding process that sufficiently kicked my ass in an awesome way. I would show some pics, but it won't be released until probably February '09 so it'll have to wait.

AND I re-teamed with my sometime collaborator the OMBE Shop for a special project concerning HIV/AIDS awareness. We digitally printed 4 designs onto different types of female panties (are there any other kind?), which were then initially sold at an HIV/AIDS awareness conference. We're exploring other avenues for them, so look out. I'll have pics of those soon too.

For the final "AND", last month our Masters program over at the venerable School of Visual Arts had the annual Book Show, along with a, accompanying show for our Call of Chthulhu pieces. It was a great turnout, and many thanks to everyone that showed up to support.

This is my display for Crispy Kid. Five small framed pieces and one large free hanging piece.

Here are two attractive strangers looking at my Cthulhu display. I didn't take this picture, Y.J. Lee did... so there.

Well, that's the big update. Be back soon Blog. Bettie Page forever!