Hey Blog. Its Labor Day in America so I'm busy doing as little work as possible. Last post I put up a piece for Business Week, so now I'm gonna put up a silly little piece I did for Time Out New York's Photo Finish column. Whenever I get a request to do one I always kinda laugh to myself and then mutter a quiet "yes...!". This is because these pieces are just an opportunity to do something completely goofy and I can decompress a little on them. The issue has been on the stands for the past week and I have yet to get it b/c I've been lazy (I'm trying to get all my naps in before the new semester starts).

Anyway, here's the photo:

And here's the final:

In case you don't get it Blog, it's an homage to the classic rivalry of K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. in the original KnightRider series. K.A.R.R. was K.I.T.T.'s predecessor, but was abandoned in a warehouse because of a malfunction which made his main function self-preservation (I also think he had father issues). Also, K.A.R.R. stood for Knight Automated Roving Robot. I don't know what T.R.U.K.K. would stand for, so don't ask me.

That's it for now. Tomorrow's the first day of school so I need to get my sleep and pack tomorrow's lunch. Peace Blog.