The Great Outdoors


Hi Blog. I don't usually post at night but I just wanted show you these pics I took today in Newark, NJ. Edwin Vasquez let me know about a mural project he's working on with other Jersey artists and invited me to come check it out and maybe lend a hand. Fortunately, I had the camera handy and shot away (I swear I held a paintbrush too). Another artist involved is Kevin Sampson, a Newark-based fine artist along with two assistants Cesar and Rich (not me).

At some point another Jersey native, Jerry Gant came through and held court for a little bit.

Some of the guys:

Edwin Vasquez


Kevin Sampson

Overall it was a great time and it was good to get away from my suddenly smaller drawing desk and laptop. I'm having a lot of fun experiencing commercial art in all its aspects right now, and being around a claustrophobic scaffold setup with bright acrylic paint just makes me want to get my hands dirty more often.

Until next time Blog. Later.