My Favorite Photos This Year Pt. 2

Hey Blog, Merry Post-Christmas and Happy Pre-New Year. Here are some more shots, including a little Halloween silliness, bboy ballsiness, and a few healthy etceteras. It's slighty schizophrenic, I know, but aren't we all sometimes?

My Favorite Photos This Year Pt. 1

Hi Blog. The world is in holiday limbo and right now we're all just trying to get past it. Also, I'm waiting for a couple of projects to publish/air so that I can post them (get your DVR's ready on Jan. 3rd, more info later). In the meantime I wanted to show you some shots I took, not yet seen on this blog. Most of them are for reference, off-the-cuff, and/or merely document shenanigans. I hope you enjoy them.

Phone Gone *updated*

Hi Blog, just got back from Texas, but minus one smart phone. Its somewhere in Charlotte, NC and hopefully on its way back here. Therefore I won't be answering any calls for at least 24 hours, but rest assured I'll have phone access again by Thursday at the absolute latest. If you need to contact me just email me at, as I'll be checking my email regularly.

Also, I did a color version of the drawing above, but went with simplicity. Look at the alternate here.

*update* My new phone arrived (which was FAST), so I'm a complete person again. Feel free to call me at the same number (973.868.9342).

Wren Bjorg Preview

Good evening Blog. I'm leaving for Texas on Wednesday and want to get this post in for the week. I recently joined an artist collective called Wren Bjorg in which the participants start pieces and mail them off to other participants until all the work has been fully collaborated upon. I finally found a moment to begin my pieces and work on the ones sent to me (Thanks Shannon!). So here's a preview before I mail them off into the ether. The black & white drawings are my starters, while the others were initiated by the wonderful Shannon Rankin, which I subsequently worked on.

Also, I must thank the lovely and freakishly talented Gina Shiappacasse for being so generous and patient with me while drawing, and for putting up with my crippling indecisiveness.


What it is, Blog. We are officially "happy" about "holidays". Personally, I think any holiday not spent acquiring a DUI is a good one.

Over Thanksgiving I worked on some pieces for the lovely people at BusinessWeek and my first one for The New Yorker (!), which I'll post another time. The piece above is the BW half-page about e-tailers (I guess that's a word now) using social media to attract customers in droves for discounted items. Has anyone ever drawn a flock of Twitter birds? I hope not, I like to think I invented it.

I also did a smaller piece concerning the inadequacies of young managers, which you can view here.

In other news, I am included in the Society of Illustrators 52 sequential category for both "Let There Be Stuff" and "Rabbits". Wine and cheese please.

That's about it, Blog. Live to be stoked.