Wall Star


Salutations Blog. Here is a piece I did for the good people at KICKS (the sister magazine of SLAM). I love experimenting and was really grateful to KICKS for letting me go wild with the brick concept. Every brick was created separately, and it was kind of like building a real wall.

As for the story, it concerns John Wall. Wall, in case you live under a large rock, is the heavily touted #1 NBA draft pick. He was recruited by the Washington Wizards, and in an interesting move has signed with Reebok, who is looking to re-establish their post-Iverson basketball division. I guess we'll see whether he lives up to the hype. No pressure, right?

Concept / Aesthetics / Everything Else


Hi Blog. Lately I've been thinking about how artists perceive and even categorize their work based on the parameters of concept and/or aesthetics. I can only speak for myself and about what happens in my own brain, so feel free to disagree. However, one day in the future I want to sit with my son, turn on my hologram computer with my mind and show him that his dad had an interesting thought once.