Rich Tu x G-Shock for RESPECT

Sup Blog, Happy Friday. I'm stoked to finally show you this, which is a collaboration I did with G-Shock for RESPECT Magazine. I got to choose a watch model (in this case the GA110-1A) and create my own rendition of it. I kept it colorful and rugged looking, which are both characteristics I associate with G-Shock. It was a lot of fun, and the photo shoot took place in my studio a few weeks ago. Photography by the amazing Tom Medvedich. Love and shouts to the Kids With Candy family. There is also a video segment coming soon, which has more surprises

Look for this issue of RESPECT now, with Mr. Maybach on the cover.

Townies pt. 3: Out of Work, Out of Time

Good morning Blog. Here's the third installment of The New York Times' Townies blog. This week, the author discusses how his new unemployed status has affected interaction with his children. I like how this piece ends in particular.

What have we been up to at Dagr? Pt. 2

Sup Blog. Here's the second video, also seen at the Apple talk. Track is by Rob Swift of the legendary crew The X-Ecutioners.

No Fear

What's up Blog. I know I've been posting like a madman the past few days. There's a lot going on, and its exciting (and tiring). This piece is a double page spread I worked on for the good people at SLAM, and a story about Andrew Bogut, a player for the Milwaukee Bucks. He suffered a horrific accident last year, but bounced back amazingly well, and really epitomizes "No Fear".

Townies pt. 2: Love and Other Insurance Policies

Hi Blog. Here's the latest entry into The New York Times' Townies blog, in which the author discusses his current marital situation. He is very frank and honest, making it an interesting read. Enjoy.

What have we been up to at Dagr?

Good evening Blog. I'm under the weather right now, but wanted to drop this vid. I previewed this at my Apple talk. Here's the final version for those of you who didn't see it. The track is courtesy of Jihae, who's album Fire Burning Rain is available now.

Two more to drop over the next few days.

Timo Weiland @ NY Fashion Week

Sup Blog. I got away from my desk on Sunday to attend the Timo Weiland show at Fashion Week. Great presentation, and I liked the simplicity of the mens' pieces and the patterns on the womens'. Great show. Brought the camera as usual.

Townies pt. 1: A Beginner’s Guide to Unemployment

Sup blog, how is life. This month I'm teaming up with writer Theodore Ross for The New York Times' Townies blog. There will be four installments and this is the first. The subject covers unemployment and traces Ted's journey as a former literary editor to now. I'm enjoying the read so far.

Ted is releasing his first book, entitled I Am a Jew, next year.

The Wisdom of Lenny

What it is Blog. Hope you're doing well. This is for a comics issue of Feathertale. I haven't done sequential or panel-based work in a while and wanted to show my love of Lenny Bruce. Look for Feathertale soon.