Shitty Art - Updated

Ho there Blog. This is preview of a collaborative mural project at the Art Directors Club with Timothy Goodman, Mikey Burton, Chris Rubino, Elle Kim, Lotta Nieminen, Stefanie Weigler, and Jennifer Daniel. Last weekend we spent the day making a big mess. It was a lot of fun... and kind of humid. More pics soon.

*update* Pics courtesy of the Art Directors Club.

And a special thanks to Leah Romero and Alelli Tanghal for helping us out with some much needed support.

American Illustration 30

Well hello Blog. I was just notified that three of my pieces have been selected to appear in the American Illustration 30 annual. I'm very excited, as this is a 300% improvement over last year. Among the selections are two pieces from Bang Boom Pow (last's year's collab with Andy Lin, Kids With Candy, and models Julia Royter and Elaina Royter), and a piece from You're My Favorite, which makes me very happy as that series is very close to my heart.

Congrats to everyone that won and I'll see you at the party.

Source Code

Hello there Blog. Here's another spread I worked on for SLAM, concerning Ray's Allen's status as the greatest shooter in the NBA, with possible contention for all time. There's no question that he got game.

The Curious Case of Vin Baker

Ola Blog. This is a spread I worked on for the friends at SLAM, and a story about Vin Baker, former 4 time NBA All-star who disappeared from the NBA due to problems with alcohol abuse. He has since regained his way and currently coaches high school freshmen basketball.

Watch this amazing speech he gave to his players.

Genius or Gibberish

Guten Morgan Blog, it's the end of the week. This is a piece I did for The Village Voice in their special comics issue in honor of MOCCA. It concerns String Theory's main proponent and main detractor. Brian Greene is the former, Peter Woit is the latter, and both are professors at Columbia University.

Personally, I believe in the possibility of String Theory and like Brian Green, but I'm Team Michio all the way. Check out The Doctor in action.

The Practice


Hello Blog, be ready for energy. This is a 60 second video I produced and directed for Dagr-Nott @ Associates for Alcatel One Touch and the Find Your Tribe campaign.

Featuring the Dynamic Rockers (Meen 187, Tata, Lil' Tony, Whorah, Lacuna, and Defy).
Edited by Joel Nealy
Audio/Sound by Jared Arnold and Dave Rivera
Cinematography by Joel Nealy and Joshua Cayabyab.