Hi Blog. I'm in Las Vegas this week enjoying some sun (crutches and all). It's going to be 110 degrees today, so that's something to look forward to.

You're My Favorite 06

Hey Blog, here's the latest addition to You're My Favorite.

Also, I'm almost off my crutches. Dance floors beware.

Wake Up It's Tuesday

Well, it's not really Tuesday, but that is the title of this latest piece, inspired by this found photograph. Also, a belated Happy Father's Day. I spent mine on the shore gluttonizing on seafood with my family. I hope yours was just as fun. See you later, Blog.

You're My Favorite 05 and Recklessness

Hello Blog. It's Thursday, and along with the latest piece from You're My Favorite, I've taken the liberty to post a few pages from the late Paul Arden's recent classic Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite. I often read it when the ghosts of self doubt creep in, and wanted to share some of my favorite pages from the section "The Case For Being Reckless".

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

You're My Favorite 04

Hi Blog, I'm finishing the week off right, even if it's one-legged. The one positive with having a broken foot is that my good leg is flamingo status now.

You're My Favorite 03

Hi Blog, another piece from You're My Favorite.

In unrelated news, I broke my foot on Sunday and will be hobbling around for a while. If I work hard enough, maybe I'll be the new Crutchmaster.

Bang Boom Pow


Hey Blog, this is a preview of a collaboration I recently finished with photographer Andy Lin for Kids With Candy's lookbook. Does it get cooler than motorcycles and aerialists?

Click here to view the rest of the lookbook.

You're My Favorite 02

Hey Blog. Here's another piece of You're My Favorite.

And check out the new Kids With Candy. Casey and Monique do it big as usual.

You're My Favorite

Greetings Blog. This has been one of those sleepless kinds of weeks. I've been working on an advertising project, which unfortunately I can not divulge details about. I've still been working on some personal work and started a couple pieces for a personal series called You're My Favorite. This is the first.