Altpick Awards and The Love Between a Man and a Pig

Hi Blog. I'm a little behind in the update, but I'm gonna make up for it. I recently did a small illustration for Time Out New York magazine. They take photo submissions from readers and find illustrators to create comic-style strips. Here's the photo:

And here's my strip:

Many thanks to Jeff Quinn from Time Out for allowing me to create something even more juvenile than my unborn niece.

Also, the Altpick Awards website has officially launched! Its the fifth year, and it looks to be a lot of fun.
Altpick Awards Call For Entries

Until next time.

Crispy Kid cover and the greatness that is Al Jaffee

Hey Blog, it is once again time to update you. This week was fairly uneventful in a good way, but as promised here is my cover to the Crispy Kid book I'm currently working on. Its still in a state of flux so the typography might change slightly, but for the most part its there. Its a big image so be patient, and if you have dial-up...well... join the 21st century already.

Also, The New York Times recently did a story on Al Jaffee, who's been doing the Mad Magazine fold-ins for over 40 years. He's nothing short of a genius, and here's a link to a Flash presentation that lets you view the work and actually fold the pieces.

Al Jaffee kicks ass

p.s. I'll update soon about the Altpick Awards, which I'm very excited to work on.

Altpick Awards and some manliness from Gleason's Gym

Hi Blog. What's that you say? What is that thing above these words? Well I'm glad you asked. That's the banner I did for this year's Altpick Awards from the good people at Its a lot of fun working with them, and this year's awards looks to be the biggest yet.

As for my life, I bboyed last night with a couple of guys from the old crew. It was shaky, and the joints need more greasing, but I've gotten the bug again. May God have mercy on my elbows and knees.

Well, I'm out of here Blog. But before I go here are a couple of drawings from the haven of manliness that is Gleason's Boxing Gym.