Summer Reading

Hey Blog, it's that time again. I hope you had a good Eagle Day. It was raining here for the entire weekend, which put a damper on planned festivities. However, the "Beer Olympics" went well, and we even go through four events before the frustration of intense competition and Mother Nature killed the day. We had two more planned, but ended up having a big water balloon fight, thus undermining the intended water-balloon-toss. There was also a hose present, there were many casualties.

Anyway, I did a couple of chill pieces for Business Week for their Summer Reading list. It wasn't anything too high concept, I just wanted to show Summer + Chillin' + Reading. This one is a half page.

I also did a (smaller) follow-up illustration using a similar theme.

One thing I like about these two is how the background elements of the first piece become the main players in the second piece. I think that gives them both a little extra life.

So that's it for now, as I wait patiently for The Dark Knight. Later Blog.