Supreme Being

Hey Blog, its a rainy Monday here on the East Coast. I want to kick off the week with a logo that I just finished for a start-up production company. We should all be gunning for the crown.

Rich Tu & Jayson Atienza ART workshop for APEX

What's going on Blog. The other day I had the pleasure of conducting an artist workshop alongside Jayson Atienza (whose GAP shirts are still available here). The workshop was for APEX, which is a non-profit organization based in NYC focused on mentoring Asian American youth. They do some great work, and basically let us do our thing (and we got to play with one of those "smart" boards).

Alfa Art

Hey Blog, the prints for Alfa Romeo are now commercially available in limited editions of 100. I have two pieces available through them (Forwad Go and Wide Open). Also, I understand that the show featuring the prints will now travel to at least six cities around the world (so I get to see them in New York, awesome). If you're in Italy, you get first dibs. Check them out here:

Alfa Romeo: The Official Fine Art Prints Collection

The Manifest Equality Recap

Hi Blog, as promised here is the Manifest Equality recap. I had my camera handy so I snapped away. Most of these pics were taken during the afternoon leading up to the VIP preview night and that evening. A lot of people came through those doors during the course of the week, and it was an amazing sight. Also, I did my fair share of celebrity watching (didn't take too many pics of that tho). It was really a pleasure having a piece in that space, as it was filled to the brim with amazing artists, many of whom I've admired for years.

Here is a write-up in Vogue about Manifest Equality.

And in a completely unrelated anecdote, I was walking my dog at 5am this morning and saw a milkman delivering milk. I found it simultaneously both odd and comforting.

It's a Wrap: Rich Tu x Bombay Sapphire x Tokion Pt. 2

Happy weekend Blog, here are more pics of the event at The Griffin in NYC, courtesy of the good people at Tokion. Next up is the Manifest Equality recap.

It's a Wrap: Rich Tu x Bombay Sapphire x Tokion

Hey there Blog, last week was insane. Here's the short story. On Monday of last week I flew to LA from NYC for the VIP preview of Manifest Equality, flew back to NYC on Wednesday morning to attend my own party at The Griffin for Bombay and Tokion, and then flew BACK to LA on Thursday to close out Manifest Equality as well as take care of some business. I got back on Monday and finally got some real sleep. However, as promised, here's a wrap-up of The Bombay Sapphire event.

I was commissioned to design a one-off Bombay Sapphire bottle. This was a challenge as I've never worked on glass before. However, I tried a couple of different methods, and discovered that custom painted decals were the best way to go. The design itself is definitely aggressive, but I have to thank Bombay for being so supportive of the arts by giving my carte blanche.



Sup Blog, I'm back in Cali (for the second time this week) after having a great evening with Bombay Sapphire and Tokion Magazine on Wednesday. A lot of people came, and the venue was as close to "legit" as I'll ever get. Anyway, I'll do a full recap of that soon.

For right now, here's my piece in the Manifest Equality show currently in LA. Its called "Unrequited" and it was actually one of the five contest winners for the show. The show wraps up on the 7th, and if you're in the LA area you should check it out, as its amazing.

So that's two recaps to on my to-do list. This has been such a whirlwind week that I'm just trying to keep up with all of it. Thanks for bearing with me!

Rich Tu x Bombay Sapphire x Tokion Magazine

Sup blog, getting it done on a whirlwind schedule this week. Right now I'm in California for the Manifest Equality show, but I'm catching a flight back to NYC early tomorrow morning for my first big collabo with Bombay Sapphire Gin and the great people at Tokion Magazine. The event takes place at The Griffin on 50 Ganservoort St. in NYC (in the meatpacking district). I got to customize a Bombay bottle, and should have some goodies for the guests as well. Please RSVP here. Here are all the details: