The Altpick Deck Strikes Back

Hello Blog. I finally moved my stuff out of the studio for the Summer. It seems kind of ridiculous since I'm just going to move everything back in 2 months from now (except we'll be on the twelfth floor instead of the second). However, I'm still deciding what my workspace situation will be. The best-case-scenario is that I find a small apartment that can sufficiently double as a studio. Conversely, I'd hate to let that brand new studio space go to waste, so I'll see. Either way I would have to make a decision soon.

Anyway, as I allude to in my completely unclever(?) title, I've done a couple of follow-up projects for the most recent Altpick Deck. Its nothing too insane, just a couple of website directories and banners for the deck roster (myself included). Here's Illustration/Design banner.

Here's the Photography banner.

So that's it for now Blog. See ya later.

RIP George Carlin.

Business Week Piece

Sup Blog. Look at me updating twice in a week. That's ridiculousness. It's been a lot of the same ol' this week. We're renovating the house so contractors have been in and out, but fortunately it hasn't been too distracting. I recently did a piece for Don Besom of Business Week for their marketing section. Apparently a decrease in tourism has lead a lot of hotels and resorts to cater to a local crowd, so my piece reflects that (the guy has a tube and floaties!)

Also, here's my crude idea sketch to give you an idea of the creative process going on:

See, I told ya I'd update soon.

The Roof Is On Fire

Hey there blog. Whew, I've been busy lately. But before that, I saw The Incredible Hulk yesterday, and it was pretty good. I think Iron Man was better, but Ed Norton did not disappoint. I don't know if I believed Liv Tyler as a physicist, and the proto-Doc Samson character was a little over the top, but overall it was very strong.

Anyway, I did another small piece for Time Out New York's Photo Finish column. Here's the original photo (taken by Renee T. Oni-Eseleh).

and here's the final illustration:

I actually had a few versions, before we decided on the final. So as a bonus, here's my (very mean) first version:
Thanks to Jeff Quinn again for letting me do another fun piece.

I have some other pieces coming down the shoot so I'll update again soon. Until then, later blog.