Savior El Mundo Presents POP ART - JULY 2

Sup Blog, this has been a long week. MJ's gone, which I still can't believe. I was always a big fan, and excuse me for gushing over it but this was the end of an era. I still remember being a little kid and waiting for his Sunday night premiers of the videos off the Dangerous album. Anyway, well wishes to his family and billions of fans.

Also, I know that I promised I would show pics of the new studio, but the weather here on the east coast has been fairly terrible and I haven't been there as often as I'd like. And when I do go, I forget my camera. Oopskees.

So in the meantime, here's a flier for a show I'm participating in called Pop Art, featuring myself, Savior El Mundo, Jayson Atienza, SSUR, Jason Barletta, and Masahiro. Its going to be pretty cool, and there's gonna be a performance by the Rocksteady Crew Bgirls. Its going to be on July 2 at Die Fabrik (38 Howard St. and Broadway, 5th Floor). Doors open from 7pm to 12am, with an open bar from 7-9. Also, the event is FREE, but we'd appreciate an RSVP, so please email or phone if you plan on attending.

or RSVP here if you have Facebook