The Money Shot

Hi Blog. So this Thursday night is the event at Die Fabrik (38 Howard st. & Broadyway, 5th Floor). It's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm going to put up my Let There Be Stuff series, along with a couple of other pieces. I wanted to make a new piece for it so I hammered it out over the last few days and I'm pretty proud of it.

When I was a kid, I would always try to draw hot chicks, but they never turned out right. So usually the drawings I would make were Marvel Handbook-esque drawings of superheroes more suited to display their costume designs than their inherent ability to kick ass. I digress. For a while now I've just wanted to draw a hot chick, so I'm using this show as the forum for that, or maybe I've been spending too much time with Ray Jones.

It's really colorful but simple and kinda dirty without being overtly dirty. Or maybe it is overtly dirty and I'm not acknowledging that. Also, its 30in x 49.5in, so its also pretty big. I'm looking forward to picking it up from Duggal tomorrow.

So that's about it Blog. I need to get back to a job and I'll see you on Thursday.

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