Happy Daddy Day

So its Sunday and it started raining again?!? What the hell?

Quick bloggin' today. Its Father's Day here in America and in honor of that I'm posting some drawings me and my dad did at a restaurant yesterday while taking a break from looking for a poker table and drinking copious amounts of booze (ya know, typical son/dad type stuff). He's an architect for a large architectural firm in NYC and I fondly remember him sitting at his drafting table hunched over some blueprints while chain smoking. At the time I was probably 7 years old and cracking up at the Tracey Ullman Show. Although my comedic tastes have changed (Matt Groening, you smart smart man), I still think that image in my head is infinitely cool.

My dad's drawing of his 'dream house'

His portrait of me.
My portrait of him doing a portrait of me.

Happy Father's Day!