Hey Blog, Friday's here and its finally stopped raining. I swear, I think my lawn is drowning. It's supposedly the coldest June ever here in the tri-state area. I don't mind it so much, just as long as I'm not sweating.

I wanted to wrap up the week with my latest piece I did for Hyphen Magazine. Sometimes I'm surprised that I don't deal with Asian American issues in my work, and that I don't even primarily draw Asians to begin with (all my characters tend to be Caucasian, or at least have Caucasian features). This is probably because I was born and raised here in the States. Well, Hyphen helped me change all that because the piece is for their personal essay section. The author is Deborah Jiang Stein, who is a woman of mixed decent coming to terms with her roots as the daughter of a heroin-addicted inmate. Its a pretty powerful story, and I suggest you guys read it in Hyphen's upcoming issue. Here's the piece:

The concept was to have the main character regain her past by encountering the "spirit" of her mother (the author visits the prison where she was born). This piece was definitely more about finesse than my last few, so I kept the lines to a minimum. I like the way it turned out, and tried a couple of different washes and fills. It's pretty flat too, which I tend to like.

Hope you guys enjoy and next week I plan to show some pics of the new studio, and updates on the projects I have on deck.

Also, KEEP YOUR CALENDARS OPEN FOR JULY 2! More details later.