Gimme a hand with this shelf...

Hey Blog, I missed a post last week. I think I was too busy not sleeping, hunched over my drawing table while listening to the rain hit the top of my air conditioner. Anyway, I got a couple of really great projects on the horizon and I'm quite excited. More on those once details are finalized. Anyway, right now I'm finishing up a piece for Hyphen Magazine but I'm taking a quick break to post this before I forget.

Anyway, I was recently called upon by my friends at Alpha Magazine for a full page with an accompanying quarter page on a story about "dark pools of liquidity". Apparently hedge fund managers can trade on off-exchange trading venues where buyers can fill orders with minimized market effect. This practice has gotten much more popular, and traders need to be more aware of the possible dangers and guard their privacy. I tossed a few ideas at them, and fortunately for me they chose a weird one that was cool to illustrate.

The main idea was based on the dangers of making uninformed decisions, and the "cabinet of hands" was a pretty good way for me to get that across. Also, it should be noted that my drawing style has changed A LOT over the past two years. I think my Crispy Kid book, was definitely a turning point. I don't know if I'll ever incorporate a regular pencil line into my work again (never say never tho). And here's the accompanying quarter pager.

Both pieces are darker than what I'm been doing lately (in terms of palette), and it was a refreshing change of pace, as the piece I'm working on right now is much brighter.

So that's about it, back to work and I'll catch you later.