logos, À la smart

Sup Blog, some big changes this past week. First off, I'm now sharing a studio space with two fellow SVAers in Bergen, NJ. Its really close to the Lincoln Tunnel and pretty huge. We're still settling in and decorating(!), but its great so far. We brought in a ton of posters, books, video games, etc and it looks like a big clubhouse. I've already pulled two all-nighters there, and am prepared to do more. Pics of the space soon.

Also, I got slammed with work this week, which is a good thing. A couple of editorial illustrations and some branding gigs are keeping me busy, so that studio's going to get a lot of action in the next few days. One branding job I just finished is for my friend Lynn who's starting her own health counseling business. She counsels people individually and in groups on how to eat healthier and cook healthier. She also does lectures on stress relief and alternative methods of getting healthy without being dependent on medicine. I really dig this since I'm a health nut myself. Her business is called "The Health Dish" and this is the approved logo.

Its simple and fun, and was the third idea I had. My main criteria for self-approval on these was the "Short Hills" test (as in, could I see this in Short Hills Mall, aha).

For those curious about the other two ideas, here they are (at this stage it was still called "The Healthy Dish"):

These were fairly decent ideas also, just not as fun as the final. I do like the idea of the "D" being a section of those picnic plates. I'm gonna keep that in the memory bank for the distant future.

Well that's it for now, gotta do some work. Later Blog.

P.S. Conan's kicking ass right now. 11:30 no longer sucks.

P.P.S. The title of this post was almost "Eat It, Suckers"