congratulations, you may already be a winner...

Hey Blog, what it is. My Memorial Day weekend was filled with beer-ified outdoors-iness, along with at least one t-shirt change due to a hose and water balloon related wetting. Good times had by all.

Anyway, if you've been on my site you might notice I've added a couple of new shots of this year's Altpick Double Deck. And not for nothing, but switching to a scrolling galleries is so money, and so much better IMO than clicking through images. It makes me want to preplan my imagery and think about it comprehensively, instead of simply plugging it in.

Also, since Summer is rapidly approaching, the Altpick Awards are nearly here! The official announcement has not yet arrived, but I just finished the banner for it so I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak. I've seen the list of judges too and its pretty badass, great crop this year. Anyway, while nothing is official as of yet, here's the banner.

This was my second attempt, and much more focused and iconographic than the first. Its the sixth year, so the "six" became my icon. Honestly, I think I got too rigid on the first try, and tried to shoehorn in some stuff that just didn't work out. In the end, simplicity ruled the day, and it was better to inject some explicit playfulness. The approved version is MUCH better, and I smirk to myself whenever I open the file. So as I highlight my successes, I'll highlight my failure too and show you one of the early versions.

This is the most colorful of the early versions, and I never actually showed it to anyone, as this was right before I went back to the drawing board. Its ok, just not great or memorable. On a related note, I'm trying to figure out how to bring in more illustrative elements to my design work without it feeling too heavy handed. The two are really separate for me right now; design elements service the image, and vice versa. This early attempt was trying to fuse them both, but it didn't really gel properly.

Anyway, diggin' the final product! And getting ready for some life changes so I'll keep you posted. Until then, later blog.