All That Jazz... The Fundraising Edition

Sup Blog. Yea that's right, I'm blogging on the regular now so you better keep up. I recently got another call from WBGO Jazz88, the best jazz station in the NJ/NY/CT area. This year is their 30th anniversary, and like always they depend on contributions from their loyal listeners, as they're a non-profit organization. Anyway, part of their fund raising includes neighborhood and community interaction and they needed some banners to be displayed outdoors.

Its fairly simple, and incorporates elements on their logo (the sax player) as well as their official purple. Its about 2 feet tall, so they'll be displayed at a good size.

Also it goes without saying, but WBGO is easily the best jazz station in the NY/NJ area, and they need support to keep doing what they do. If you want to contribute, you can click here. Also, tune in to 88.3fm to hear awesomeness.

Till Later Blog.