Ad CamPains

Hey Blog. So graduating with a Master's Degree is a long and arduous process. Who knew? The past couple of weeks have been full of galleries, gowns, goodbyes, and something else that probably starts with a "G". Once I clear out my studio/storage space then it'll really be goodbye. Two crazy years of MFA Illustration will make for a big notch on the ol' art belt.

On the work front, last week I received a commission from Business Week for a piece on ad campaigns in the current social and economic climate. Due to both the recession and the present state of media consumption, ad campaigns are no longer using television ads as their centerpieces. This makes a lot of sense, as I rarely even watch television anymore in favor of online streaming (God bless you Hulu).

My approved idea was to have an unseen individual pulling the plug on a television while still surrounded by adverts from other sources. Here's the approved sketch:

and the final:

The simple palette felt like the way to go and I'm proud of the results. Many thanks to Nick Torello for the alley-oop on that.

That's it for now. Later Blog.

P.S. The show comes down today. Manual labor!