The M-F'n-A Poster

Hello Blog, I hope all is well. This week I finally picked up SVA's unofficial 2009 MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Poster. Its a limited edition print of 100 done in offset press. Its 19x27 and looks AMAZING in person. I love the illustrations featured and can't believe how privileged I was to work on it. Anyway, here it is:

The final was printed on an off white (slightly cream) paper. Somehow it feels like new ink on a old poster, if that makes any sense. Its different from the MFA Postcard in that it features work by Marshall Arisman, David Sandlin, and Nathan Fox, as well an extra piece by my friend Matt Cavanaugh. Of course, the following images are copyrighted to their respective artists.

First off is Nathan Fox by Matt Cavanaugth (Matt also did Edwin's portrait). I asked him to do one of Nathan and he knocked it out of the park. This version has the unadjusted color.

David Sandlin by Marshall Arisman. I'll say something after the next image.

Marshall Arisman by David Sandlin. I was most excited about this pairing, and they totally delivered. To their credit, they're always down for a fresh idea, and it couldn't have gone any better.

Kim Ablondi by Nathan Fox. Nathan graduated from our program in 2002 and was visiting NYC for ComicCon not too long ago. I asked him to do a portrait of Kim Ablondi, who is in charge of our program, and he was so down (who doesn't love Kim?!?). Awesome, awesome stuff.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Many more things to come!

See ya later Blog.