Not Half Bad

Hey Blog. Life is good, as the recent Mos Def single would have us believe. Here is a preview of the MFA Thesis Show postcard that was surprisingly painless to organize. Many of the images are cropped due to the limited size, but that won't be the case for the eventual poster. Asking everyone to submit work in layers was extremely effective, and gave me a lot of choices in terms of layout. If this card is any indication, I feel the thesis show is going to be one of the strongest ever.

For those who don't know, the concept of the postcard and poster is a 'yearbook page', and everyone involved was asked to randomly pick a classmate's name and create a portrait of him/her. Starting from the top left, the roster is:

Lisel Ashlock - drawn by Rich Tu (me)
Russ Spitkovsky - drawn by Lisel Ashlock
Y.J. Lee - drawn by Andre Da Loba
Anna Raff - drawn by Joanna Neborsky
Heejin Roh - drawn by Maria Berrio
Sybille Schenker - drawn by Russ Spitkovsky
Youngsun Liu - drawn by Rachel Allison

You Byun - drawn by Ray Jones
Joanna Neborsky - drawn by Anna Raff
Edowyn Vazquez - drawn by Matt Cavanaugh
John MacConnell - drawn by Josh Bayer
Nu Ryu - drawn by Sybille Schenker
Matt Cavanaugh - drawn by Heejin Roh
Maria Berrio - drawn by Yuriko Katori

Rich Tu - drawn by Youngsun Liu
Josh Bayer - drawn by Edowyn Vazquez
Yuriko Katori - drawn by You Byun
Ray Jones - drawn by John MacConnell
Rachel Allison - drawn by Nu Ryu
Andre da Loba - drawn by Y.J. Lee

So that's it for now Blog. More Soon!