Lisel Ashlock Ish My Clashmate

Hey Blog. No long story tonight, I'm coming off of a cold and still feel slightly terrible. I just wrapped up a couple of jobs and will be putting those up once they get printed, but in the meantime here's my contribution to MFA Thesis Show poster that I'm organizing.

*Update* I changed the image slightly and gave Lisel black hair. I wanted more volume at the top after spending more time with it. Art is never done!

That's the freakishly talented Lisel Ashlock. I wanted her peeking out from behind an animal mask, because her work has a mystical quality that makes it feel appropriate. Her hair's a little longer now, but I gave her a shorter bob haircut because that's what she wore when I first met her and that's how I picture her in my head.

Anyway, the portraits are looking amazing so far, and once its laid out I'll post that too. We're thinking about either silkscreen or offset press. Hopefully we can do offset and send it out, if anything to save ourselves the trouble of spending sleepless nights in the silkscreen lab (not to insult you silkscreen nerds).

So that's it, goodnight Blog. And feel better Me.