Stone Hedge Fund

Sup Blog. First off, the title/bad pun is slightly incorrect as the following piece is about long/short investing, not hedge funds. However, hedge funds made for an interesting title, and it resides in the financial world, sooooooo FUN!

Anthony Scerri from the Institutional Investor asked me to illustrate the failures of long/short investing. The main concept is that long/short investing tactics have been around for so long, but due to the financial crisis ultimately failed Wallstreet's expectations. So here's the initial sketch:

First of all, Wacom tablets are amazingly awesome. Of course I still draw all my final images on vellum paper with ink and brush, but the Wacom has allowed me to do quicker sketches with TONS more conceptual clarity. Second of all, props to Anthony because I threw some wacky ideas at him and he picked my favorite idea, so the process was pretty painless. And here's the final:

I followed the layout of the sketch, but really tried to get in there with little details to create a sense of scale. This was a really fun piece to make, and definitely one of my recent favorites.

And extremely off topic, my niece Emily Marie Tumang-Atienza is being christened tomorrow, and I'm her godfather! Me and her dad Jeff are looking forward to wielding shotguns in front her potential suitors.

Peace Blog.