Crispy Kid

HowGoesIt Blog. I know, I know... I haven't updated in a couple of weeks. But here I am with gifts of recompense. Summer's been good so far, and I hope you had a good Memorial Day. I BBQed with some friends in Lebanon, NJ and had a grand ol' time.

Before I get to the artwork, I just want to say that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the THIRD best Indy movie ever (1. Raiders; 2. Last Crusade; 3. Crystal Skull; 4. Temple of Doom... easy). I was pretty amazed at how much of a throwback it was. There were problems for sure (umm... Shia swinging on vines?), and the alien premise never quite sat well with me. However kudos to that creative team for making me feel 9 years old.

Also I recently viewed the Criterion release, The Fire Within, by the French director Louis Malle. It was quite good, and even though I expected the ending, I was still very surprised. Beautifully shot in black and white, it takes its time unraveling itself. It's sad without being depressing.

And I hate to just throw it in there, but Lars and the Real Girl is good, watch it! If you enjoyed Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson, you'll like this.

Onto the art. I've been working on a sequential story called Crispy Kid, which is about a young boy badly scarred with third degree burns on most of his body. It's an almost wordless story, and I don't necessarily have a plot. The point was to present his existance, not necessarily to provide a conflict of some sort. Here are the first 3 pages (and scroll down to the April 13 entry to view the cover).

It's an ongoing project and I wanted to use simple imagery. I haven't decided how far I want to go with it, and I have a few pages in the can. However, I may leave it as it is as there may not be anything else I want to say on the subject. We shall see.

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