Outside of these doors is Fairview, NJ

Hey Blog, looks like this week is for photos. Right now I'm still working on a couple of things, including a contribution to Death + Taxes magazine and a big new piece inspired by the show I was just a part of. Something that I've realized is that I really want a show by myself right now.

My own egomania aside, here are the pics from the studio in northern New Jersey I've been talking about. I share it with fellow SVAers Ray Jones and Matt Barteluce, who guest star in some of these pics. They're amazingly cool people, and its pretty awesome sharing a space, even though I think I do an absurd amount of BSing.

Two things should be noted. First, Matt had the space first and was gracious enough to let Ray and myself join in. Second, there are TONS of random things lying about the studio, which makes it very cool to visually wander around. Also, the ceiling is really high, which accommodates the tack-board-wall big enough for an American Gladiator. A few of the pics aren't the same size, because I forgot to reset my camera for some of them like a moron.

This last photo is something that Matt and I did in a drunken stupor.

See ya next week Blog.