Spittin' Venom for the '09

Sup Blog. I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. For me, the off-time has been both relaxing and frustrating, as I have a serious love/hate relationship with deadlines. Therefore, with no deadlines there is nothing to love or hate, which sucks. I turn into a fleshy mess of pent-up artistic frustration.

Anyway, I was involved in an annual Secret Santa through elfster.com and my recipient ended up being my friend Dexter. A few of things to know about Dexter:

1. he's hilarious and acerbic
2. he loves glorifying himself in a non-douchey way (b/c he's a really good guy)
3. his ability to NOT be a douchebag makes you want to feed into his self-glorification upon request

So lucky me, he's my recipient. His gift wish was to have a 16 page homemade comic about himself featuring Venom, Snarf, and a celebrity of my choosing. This is funny because I was the only artist involved in the Secret Santa, and I just happen to draw his demanding ass out of luck. So, knowing that I can't simply do a 16 page comic without getting COMPLETELY caught up and anal retentive about it, I opted to do a portrait of him AS VENOM.

I also had no reference other than some high school photos, so he has his old faded buzzcut and hoop earring which, in the 90's, was awesome. This portrait was also weird for me (besides the obvious weirdness) b/c I DON'T do portraits, and I DON'T draw in a comic book style. So there was a lot of artistic fakery going on. But overall I dig it, even though it doesn't feel like I did it.

Anyway, that's it for now, and I'll be back soon with some really serious and artsy fartsy stuff. Because that's whats really important in these gravest of times.

Nappy Yew Hear!