Subcultures 01 - Scuttlers x Carnies

Oy blog, how's it going? A hurricane is brewing, New York had an earthquake, and Steve Jobs has left the building. I'm beginning to believe the Mayans. Just kidding, no I'm not.

In case you weren't aware I left my art directing gig to pursue other ventures and return to the outside world. It was fun while it lasted, but everyone has their time and mine was up (or to me it was anyway).

Anyway, one of the last things I created while at Dagr was a series of illustrations for a t-shirt line based on the concept of subcultures. Some mash-up and some standalone. I'll be posting them up as I'm very proud of the series itself. The images are meant to be screen printed and are all about 15" tall.

The above piece is a mash-up of scuttlers and carnies, definitely leaning towards a turn-of-the-century dandyish vibe with a freakshow twist. The tattoos on the brothers' bodies are based on Russian convict tattoos. There are a lot of references happening at the same time, and I like how it all came together.

More to come.