Apple Store SoHo Recap + THANK YOUS

*notice* Consolidated posts.

Hey there Blog. Here's a little photo recap of what happened at Monday's Apple Store SoHo talk. Erin from the ADC and Jayson Atienza gave me a great intro and let me do my thing. My talk was titled "Braincicles" and was mostly me showing my work and providing (hopefully helpful) anecdotes about them. I showed a vid from my past and ended with some Dagr-Nott work, with Justin Weber utterly destroying with his yo yo. The only snafu was a failure to show clips from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. No big deal, however we did miss the Great Gonzo.

Great time overall, and many thanks to the world famous Ahmed Klink for hanging out with his camera. Also, audience member Elle Dio was nice enough to provide a couple more shots as well.

Many thanks to Jayson Atienza for the intro, Erin Biggerstaff from the ADC, Brian Davis from Apple Store SoHo, Tshombe Knight from OMBE, Ahmed Klink, Carmela Pereira, Gina Schiappacasse, Chris Rabanes, and of course my secret weapon Justin Weber! It was definitely a team effort and I would have crumbled if not for them.