Blue Roses for The New Yorker

Greetings Blog. First off, this week has been a no-sleeper, but for good reason, as we've been working hard at the agency. A special thanks to my team Clay Rodery and You Byun who are two of the hardest working humans I know.

Above is an image I created for a short story entitled "Blue Roses" by Frances Hwang in The New Yorker's fiction section. It is a very subtle story about an Asian-American woman and her contentious relationships with her grown children and with her friend, an ailing widow. I felt very close to the characters because they have many Asian-specific idiosyncrasies that I know my own mother to have as well as many of the older women I knew growing up. By the end I felt as If I knew the female protagonists personally.

Also, I'm particularly stoked to be in the cartoon issue, with an Ivan Brunetti cover, as his section in my well-worn copy of In the Studio is fascinating.