Fuse the Boss


Hi Blog, sorry for the silence the past few days. I've been preoccupied with what will hopefully become a much larger project so I and a few others are pulling some overtime. However, here is a spread I recently finished for SLAM Magazine and their feature on Nike's Hyperfuse, which Rajon Rondo was wearing during the NBA finals (causing many a sneaker fan to pause their DVRs).

Now first, a confession. I am a recovering sneakerhead and own over 100 pairs of sneakers, many of which I've never worn outside. I spent many nights on niketalk.com looking at what was coming out and what others bought. I know, it's sick, but I've seen much worse. At one point I was buying a pair a week. I quit that a long time ago, however, but still get very excited about them.

So, as you can imagine this assignment was a lot of fun for me, and Nike was cool enough to provide a lot of photos to choose from. Also, I've been wanting to explore more hand typography, and this was a great chance. I liked this close-up shot, as this red/white/blue related to my shoelace concept. I felt the key was to not go too crazy and let the shoe speak for itself, as it's beautifully designed. Personally, I have my eyes set on these.