The Manhattan (+Brooklyn) Project


Hey Blog. This is a piece I just finished for Time Out New York for their Brooklyn vs Manhattan issue. It's a map of the two boroughs that supposes the effects of their connecting bridges collapsing, halting the exchange of people and products between them. It's fairly humorous, and was fun to do because of all the little drawings (and I rarely ever design maps). Each one is numbered and here's a breakdown of what they are.

1. 1 With no more access to Williamsburg, an abandoned neighborhood called FiDi becomes the center of boho chic.
2. Mayor Bloomberg rejoices in the fact that even more commuters are screwed over.
3. All the Chelsea galleries have bare walls because their underpaid artists live in Brooklyn.
4. SNL does a skit about it, and, surprisingly, it’s funny.
5. Manhattan residents lose access to beaches and roller coasters. (They don’t really care.)
6. Upper East Siders ask themselves, What bridges?
7. Brooklynites are partying. What else would they do without a means of getting to work?
8. Brooklyn residents go into ramen withdrawal.
9. Peter Luger has no more customers.
10. The Williamsburg Hipster vs. Murray Hill Douche rivalry finally comes to an end.
11. Cabbies are relieved they no longer have to take fares across any damn bridges anymore.
12. Park Slope parents start worrying how dear little Drake and Taylor will become successful doctors/lawyers without the options of NYU and Columbia.
13. Fast-forward ten years: The ruined anchorages of the Brooklyn Bridge are designated a natural wildlife preserve, over which President Sarah Palin flies on her monthly small-animal hunts.

Also, here are some of my favorite drawings from the map, enjoy.