Extreme Takeover Pt. 2 *updated*

Happy Friday Blog. Here are pics from last Sunday's episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with some commentary. I helped work on Mychal's football themed room and it was an honor, as Sandy Morris is a saint. While I was watching the episode I kept thinking "Wow, she's amazing. They need to build her TWO houses". Anyway, Mychal loves the Chicago Bears, hence the blue and orange color scheme.

They used my ESPN-style logo for the mini-"jumbotron" screens on the ceiling. The layout was very loosely based on the Cowboys Stadium. Also, you might notice a "GAME ON" LED display above the screens, this is just a sticker and unfortunately isn't real.
The ceiling was a large graphic accentuated with actual scaffolds. The line in the center is again supposed to evoke the Cowboys Stadium dome, which splits open.

This 50 yard line extends the length of the floor.
The walls are posterized crowd collages, and follow the Chicago Bears' colors for the chain link pattern on the bottom. The murals are in black&white and blue versions (for alternating walls).

And finally, Gonzo WAS shot out of a cannon. It was glorious.
I had never actually seen an episode of EMHE before this, and boy do they turn on the waterworks. It feels good to help celebrate The Muppets' 40th anniversary too. Also, all the murals from the show are available for sale as wallpaper on the website MuralsYourWay.com under the name "Buzzing Sports Stadium". They're great dealers, and have worked with EMHE for a while now.

P.S. Right now I'm showing work at the Society of Illustrators in NYC for their Sequential and Uncommissioned exhibit. Check it out, the show lasts until January 23rd.

*update* Here are some more pics courtesy of the fine people from EMHE.