What it is, Blog. We are officially "happy" about "holidays". Personally, I think any holiday not spent acquiring a DUI is a good one.

Over Thanksgiving I worked on some pieces for the lovely people at BusinessWeek and my first one for The New Yorker (!), which I'll post another time. The piece above is the BW half-page about e-tailers (I guess that's a word now) using social media to attract customers in droves for discounted items. Has anyone ever drawn a flock of Twitter birds? I hope not, I like to think I invented it.

I also did a smaller piece concerning the inadequacies of young managers, which you can view here.

In other news, I am included in the Society of Illustrators 52 sequential category for both "Let There Be Stuff" and "Rabbits". Wine and cheese please.

That's about it, Blog. Live to be stoked.