big ass red tags

Wassup Blog. My sister recently had her huge baby shower and the house was pretty packed. We had about 120 people running around and tons of food. Two BBQ grills were going, and we ordered a ton of Filipino good. It all got eaten too! The next day there was nothing to eat in the house and I was rummaging for cans of tuna, as my eating schedule is insane in-and-of-itself.

Anyway, right before the shin-dig we acquired a large LCD screen along with a couple of Blu-Ray players. My first Blu-Ray dvd was I Am Legend (I know, I know... I hadn't seen it, and I'm a sucker for Will Smith movies. Shut up). The movie itself was ok, but the ending was totally flat and left me disappointed. However, the alternate ending was actually better IMHO, because it backlit the rest of the movie. Also, the screen uses tru-motion technology, so seeing images that big in 1080dpi was like looking out a window. A window full of rabid zombies.

As for work, here's another piece a did for Business Week concerning consumers in search of a cheaper shopping experience. It seems that rising gas and food costs have driven shoppers to dollar stores and Wal-Marts, with grocery stores feeling the effects. I did a couple of things differently with this piece, mostly concerning the use of shadows. I don't usually deal with lighting, but I really wanted the red tag to appear huge and monolithic so I felt almost obligated to do it. I really liked the results tho.

The shadows definitely gave my work a more polished look than I'm used to. We'll see if I continue to use them. Also, here's the sketch that preceded it. I always look at the sketch afterwards like "how'd I go from that to that?"

Anyway, that's about it for right now and this appears in the August 25th issue of Business Week.

Peace Blog.