Crispy Kid cover and the greatness that is Al Jaffee

Hey Blog, it is once again time to update you. This week was fairly uneventful in a good way, but as promised here is my cover to the Crispy Kid book I'm currently working on. Its still in a state of flux so the typography might change slightly, but for the most part its there. Its a big image so be patient, and if you have dial-up...well... join the 21st century already.

Also, The New York Times recently did a story on Al Jaffee, who's been doing the Mad Magazine fold-ins for over 40 years. He's nothing short of a genius, and here's a link to a Flash presentation that lets you view the work and actually fold the pieces.

Al Jaffee kicks ass

p.s. I'll update soon about the Altpick Awards, which I'm very excited to work on.